How Emigration and Expatriate Coaching Differs From Other Immigration Services

When choosing a professional to help you with your emigration there several options. Who do you give your hard earned cash to? Who can you trust to help with such a massive life changing move?

You will look for and get lots of information, opinions and advice along the way, although ultimately how ever much information you collect, no-one else can make those decisions for you. They can advise, tell you what they did, and however similar their circumstances, their decisions were based upon different priorities, and personalities so it is unlikely their decisions will be the same as yours.

When you want advice, or information get it for free on the internet, get coaching to turn that information into specific actions and decisions that are right for you.

Immigration and Migration Consultants

Controlled by a regulating authority in most countries. They offer advice about the types of visa, assess your circumstances for likelihood of success and will help you complete your visa application or do this for you. Give you advice about different areas, and may help with job search, financials and home buying. Fee based upon level of service.

Immigration Lawyer

A qualified lawyer is familiar with the legal processes on applying for and getting a visa for your chosen country. Will be able to advise you on documentation required, best route for obtaining a visa, prepare the applications for you, and communicate with the relevant immigration authorities. Fee based upon level of service.

Relocation Specialist or Realtors

Offer advice and information about moving, local amenities, neighborhoods, buying houses. In some cases they have first hand knowledge of emigrating themselves and understand the challenges you will face when you arrive. They may be able to find you temporary accommodation when you arrive, offer advice on insurance, bank account set up and many other services. Usually free with the understanding that you will buy a house through them once you find one.

Emigration and Expatriate Coach

Coaching is all about you and what is best for you. Not about getting a visa, selling a house, getting commission on your currency exchange. When you work with a coach the aim is to get the results you want. To take any issue or problem, view it from all aspects and create a solution. Like a sports coach who stands back to look at an athlete’s performance with an independent perspective. The coach points out what adjustments the athlete can make, challenges and encourages the athlete to achieve a higher level. So an emigration coach will help you gain clarity about what you want to achieve, help you identify what you could do, and will challenge you and support you to achieve the life you want.

Here are some examples of what coaching can help with:

  • What location will best suit you
  • What will you achieve by moving abroad
  • What tasks do you need to do before leaving
  • What are you going to take with you
  • How are you going to tell your family,
  • What action will help you settle most quickly,
  • What actions are going to help you find your dream job,
  • What will help you find your dream house,
  • What is on your to do list when you arrive,
  • What issue do you need to be prepared for after arrival,
  • What is your strategy to cope with homesickness,
  • How are you going to make new friends, create your new support network, . .

The aim of your coach is to empower you, maximise you potential and develop your self awareness so you can make the best choices and to create the ideal solutions for you.

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